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Henna Services

While we no longer provide henna services for large parties or sangeet, we do provide henna for small groups or special guests in your wedding. Usually, this service is booked on a different day than the brides henna.

Ideal for: 

Home mhendi parties, birthday parties, baby showers, customer or employee appreciation events, holidays parties, and more! 

Designs you can expect: 

1. ARTIST CHOICE ONLY - we do NOT take client requests at party henna sessions, that means guests cannot show us photos from their phone or Pinterest pages. For special requests henna, guest can book a private henna session. To get a better idea of our 'Party Style' henna work, visit our PARTY HENNA GALLERY.  

2. We stick to small-medium sized henna designs, that go from index finger to wrist or in the center of hand. 

Do you do larger events? 

As of 2020 Henna Craze is no longer taking large event bookings so that we can better focus on providing quality bridal henna. During wedding season (April to September 1 of every year) our small party henna sessions are limited. Outside of wedding season (summer months) we have normal availability for small party appointments, of up to 20 guests.

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What to Expect

At party henna appointments, we work fast and can provide 15 medium (pictured below) or 20 small henna designs in an hour. For events of 10-20 people, each guest can receive either one detailed design (as shown below) or two simpler floral designs (back of both hands, for ex). 

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How do I book? 

Although we offer easy online booking, to determine how many artists you need and for how long, we suggest contacting us using the booking form HERE.  

Booking a Meeting


Lead Artist: $125/hour with a 2 hour minimum, plus travel [when available] for group henna sessions

Junior Artists: $100/hour with a 2 hour minimum, plus travel



We travel for party henna appointments, travel fees are generally $40-$50 within the Chicago suburbs and $100 to locations in or near downtown Chicago. Currently we are not taking party bookings out of state.