Natural henna is a painless and temporary form of body art, with rich traditions in various cultures and religions all over the world. 


But what is it exactly that goes onto your skin? Henna (Lawsonia Inermis) is a paste made from the leaves of the 'henna plant.' The leaves contain a red dye (called 'Lawsone'), which is essentially what stains the skin. The leaves are crushed into fine powder, the powder sifted, and then mixed with a variety of ingredients (essential oils, lemon/tea/coffee, sugar) to create a smooth paste. This paste is then put into an applicator (a henna cone or jacquard bottle), which allows the artist to create fine, precise lines. 


After the paste is applied onto the skin, it dries (in about 20-30 mins); it is recommended to keep the dry paste on your skin and away from water for 6-8 hours. When the paste comes off, a beautiful stain is left behind!


The best part? Natural henna is 100% safe -- and temporary! As your skin exfoliates, the henna stain wears off.. which means you can get something new and unique each time! 


So what stain color can you expect from my henna paste? I use 100% natural henna, mixed only with the finest and freshest henna powder, sourced from India and Morocco. Therefore, my henna stains as natural henna should - in shades of rich reds & mahogony browns, as shown on the picture on right.  


My henna recipe consists of 4 Simple ingrediants: 100% natural and fresh henna, lemon juice, sugar, and essential oils (lavender, tea tree, cajeput, naiouli, etc). 



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