Sumeyya Rehman (the artist behind "Henna Craze") is a Chicago, IL based professional henna artist with over 16 years of experience with henna body art! She is experienced with both traditional and modern Indo-Pak henna styles, and specializes in bridal henna art. Sumeyya has provided henna for numerous brides and weddings, events of all sizes, photo shoots & editorial work, private appointments, and much more! Check out "Gallery" in the menu to see more of our work!


At Henna Craze, we use 100% natural henna, which is mixed and packaged personally by Sumeyya, to insure that you and your guests receive the darkest possible stain! We do not use, or condone the use of 'black henna' (to find out more about the harms of black henna, please visit the FAQ section of this site). 

"Henna, this form of natural and temporary body art, has been a passion for me since I was very young. My first designs were simple lines and happy faces, drawn with a $1 plastic henna cone I bought from the local Indian store. I was intensely frustrated with these lines, but for whatever reason, found it satisfying to sit hours on end, scribbling away. Several years later, some kind friends asked me to do their bridal henna,  giving me the confidence to try this 'henna thing' professionally.... the rest, as they say, is history!"


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