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Henna Services

While we no longer provide henna services for large parties or sangeet, we do provide henna for small groups or special guests in your wedding, such as the mothers/sisters of the bride/groom or bridal parties. Please see the price breakdown below. Send us an email with the specifics of your event and we can go from there!




For Special Guests (such as mother/sister of the bride/groom) - our hourly rate of $100/hour applies. You may book per person

30 mins, 2 Sides - $50 

60 mins, 4 Sides - $100 

90 mins, 4 Sides - $150 

A 3 hour minimum service fee applies IF clients are booking this service on a separate day or as a separate service; if booked alongside/in addition to a bridal henna session on the same day, no minimum time is required. 



For small groups of 5-20, up to 30 people requiring simple 'party style' henna, such as bridesmaids, cousins, family our group rate is $125/hour (3 hour minimum required).


You can expect:

10-12 MEDIUM designs in 1 hour, which comes out to $10-$12 per design 


18-20 SMALL designs in 1 hour, ~$5-$6.50 per design

[1 design means 1 side of 1 hand]


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