​Feel like getting pampered? Come on by and have Sumeyya henna you up -- just 'cause! Come by yourself or split it with a friend! Held at our home studio in Villa Park, IL. We can also accommodate small groups of 3 to 6 people for a 1 hour ($100) or 2 hours ($200) session. 



$45 for 30 mins 

$90 for 1 hour 

$135 for 1.5 hour 

$180 for 2 hours 

$225 for 2.5 hours 

$270 for 3 hours 

Split with a Friend

$50 for 30 mins (15 mins each)

$100 for 1 hour (30 mins each)

Additional info


  • 30 mins sessions are for simple, medium sized designs (such as 2 'medium sized' designs on back of hands). 

  • 1 hour sessions are for detailed designs on hands/feet/back/belly (such as 'bridal style' palms of hands, or a large back peice. 

  • 1.5 hour sessions are for large designs with lots of intricate details (such as a full, dense/covered sleeve from shoulder to wrist). 

  • 2 hour sessions are ideal if your wanting intricate full hands on both sides of both hands extending an inch or 2 past wrist OR for larger intricate pieces on the body. 

  • Remember - larger designs are not necessarily more expensive, designs with lots of intricate details and little empty space (what henna artists call 'full, dense' designs) take longer to complete. You can also email me a few example designs to see which session would be best to book. 

Henna goes on as a wet paste and dries in about 30 mins. The dried paste should be kept on the skin for 6-8 hour for best results. To that end, make sure to dress appropriately for your henna appointment -- where ever your getting henna done (arms, legs, back, belly, etc needs to be exposed). For ex, if getting your back henna'd, make sure to wear a backless top, if getting your legs henna'd make sure to wear shorts or a dress. Your henna design should not be covered up for at least 6-8 hours after application). To see more info about how henna works please visit our FAQ page! 





A $20 deposit, per session, is required to book your appointment. (The $20 is applied towards your total.)


If coming with a friend, you may include their name in the same appointment (30 mins split between 2 people, or 1 hour for 2 people. Please include your friends name in the 'notes' section when you book). 


AT LEAST 2 days notice is required for all individual appointments. I'm sorry, we currently do NOT offer same day online bookings. If you need a last minute appointment you may call or text 734 945 1890. There is no guarantee that same-day appointments will be available!

We offer henna body art services for women and children, only. SORRY GUYS!

Gift A henna session

Individual henna sessions can also be bought as a gift for that special someone - click HERE to find out more.


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