Each natural henna cone contains 20g of freshly mixed henna paste, made from the best body art quality henna powder, and including only lemon juice, sugar, and essential oils.  

3 Henna Cones, Ready to Use

  • Ready to use, freshly mixed henna cones, the same smooth blend we use for our brides and private appointments that yields rich dark stains!


    Ingredients: Mixed with ONLY the finest and best body art quality henna powder, sugar, lemon juice+water, lavender & tea tree essential oils.


    Size + Weight: Each cone contains 20g henna paste and is about 6-7 inches long. That's enough henna to do 8-10 simple 'wrist to index finger' type hand designs, or one side of a full bridal arm+hand design.


    Tip: Henna cones are closed shut with a .5mm pin giving you the perfect size tip for fine, intricate work, as well as big bold lines with a little extra pressure. 


    NOTE: Our cones are not the giant foil wrapped chemically laced cones you will find at your local Indian store - please see photos with our henna cone in the hand for reference. Our cones are medium sized (about ~6-7 inches tall and skinny) and are easy to hold/work with to create fine lines.